Solution Business

Building a Platform for Organic Growth


Desired results. Fast.


Successful execution.

Global Solutions

Global deliveries. Done.

Thought Leadership

New competence and ideas.

Lean Sales

More sales with less selling


Successful and profitable product and service business is based on three things:

In my consulting work with major companies I often see that these are not yet living up to their true capability of selling and delivering...

The value proposition should be the thing that stays in the mind of your customers after your sales meeting.


As an established producer of engines and maintenance Wärtsilä had invested in the solution business for many years and wanted to push it forward. The company found a way to enhance its solution business competence with Growth Accelerator Program. GAP consortium enables participants to benchmark and share experiences.
MacGregor and Kalmar, the leading brands of Cargotec, decided to focus more on solutions and services to make cargo flows more cost efficient and reliable to their customers. In order to achieve the desired targets Cargotec initiated account management development and training for MacGregor and Kalmar staff. Clear communication, a single point of contact and a thorough understanding of the customer’s business are just a few of the benefits.
Comptel is a software company specialising in operations support systems in telecommunications. The rapidly internationalised company operates globally in twenty different countries. A number of years ago, Comptel decided to invest heavily in management training. The aim was to develop and implement uniform methods for management and managerial work in all units.