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How to Put Your Solution Business on Steroids

As an established producer of engines and maintenance Wärtsilä had invested in the solution business for many years and wanted to push it forward. Wärtsilä had already cooperated with Hanken & SSE and former Vectia with the consortium program Sales Masterclass. So the company decided to participate the new consortium Growth Accelerator Program as well.

Objectives of cooperation

Wärtsilä wanted both to bring its solution business forward, tackle real and urgent business problems and develop the competences of individual participants. It also wanted its GAP participants to network and learn from other companies just as they increase communication within Wärtsilä divisions.

Results and business impact

After participating in four rounds of GAP program, feedback from participants and also from others within the organization, e.g. business sponsors, has been very good. Internal surveys show that the organization thinks Wärtsilä has improved in doing solution business after participating in the program. Wärtsilä has also been a member in the steering group of the GAP and has been able to give feedback and help to develop the program.

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