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Growth publication is a compilation of growth and success stories of our clients told in their own words. From market shaping to challenger sales and leading meaningfulness. Everything it takes to make growth happen.

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Achieving profitable solution business growth by combining the freedom to innovate with the rigor required to industrialize.

Market shifts and the ever-increasing speed of change challenge the growth potential of companies. In addition to the traditional building blocks of growth (organic growth, R&D and…

There is an often quoted statistics by McKinsey Research that 70 % of the organization change programmes fail to meet their objectives. Is there anything you can do to radically in…

Talent Vectia customised a coaching course for the company to support the change management skills of Caruna’s team leaders.

Lindström, a leading European textile service company, wanted its new strategy to meet the future needs of its customers as thoroughly as possible. To ensure this, the company deci…

The Geological Survey of Finland wanted its new strategy to increase the impact of its research services. To this end, the institute sought a common vision from its personnel and c…

Even though there are many scary views about the future, there are also many unleashed opportunities and places for growth and learning both for organizations and individuals.

What exactly does omnichannel customer experience entail, and how do you ensure a good experience?

What makes sales so gratifying is that its results can be clearly measured. Few of us, however, recognize and acknowledge the elements of a sales culture that enables success.