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From service to products

From service to products

The commercialisation of services adds efficiency on both sides: for us and the customers, says Tommi Kajasoja, Maintpartner’s Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

Divested from Fortum in 2006, Maintpartner has more than doubled its turnover in five years and taken big steps towards internationalisation. The company’s business has mainly revolved around comprehensive service agreements assigning Maintpartner to implement and develop its customers’ maintenance activities, down to spare part purchases. However, customers are starting to increasingly focus on single services with unambiguously defined contents.


The company decided to commercialise its services as widely as possible. It started developing modular, scalable service packages that can quickly be adjusted to changes in customer needs.

The commercialisation process started by mapping the existing service offering. In conjunction with this, it was also analysed how the services were described and communicated to the personnel. First, the strengths and development needs of activities were outlined. Opinions were collected from different parts of the organisation and from different perspectives. Customers were also requested to provide a description of the challenges they face in their business and the types of services they need.


The company produced a uniform documentation describing its services, their implementation and pricing. The company described the service production, marketing and sales processes.

Interest towards the services has increased now that customers can quickly see what they are buying. Customers can more easily assess the impact of the services on their financial indicators in advance. Furthermore, they know how the service quality can be measured in retrospect.

Maintpartner’s internal processes have also become more efficient. The change is reflected at many levels, from sales to production.

“Cost efficiency has improved now that we deploy an increasingly standardised, project-like service production model,” says Tommi Kajasoja, Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

Furthermore, the company’s quote lead times have shortened.

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