Our customers share a desire to grow and make a profit. Our ambitious, growth-seeking customers include international success stories, medium-sized growth companies and reforming public bodies.

We serve our customers on their journey to growth and we are genuinely committed to their success.

Lindström, a leading European textile service company, wanted its new strategy to meet the future needs of its customers as thoroughly as possible. To ensure this, the company deci…

The Geological Survey of Finland wanted its new strategy to increase the impact of its research services. To this end, the institute sought a common vision from its personnel and c…

Having merged two funds into a single one, the owners wanted to involve the personnel in strategy preparation. LOGE played a significant role in generating dialogue.

Lehto Group created a growth strategy and management system to meet the future needs of the company, which is undergoing rapid growth.

When the Association of Finnish Technical Traders wanted a new strategy, Talent Vectia and Futures Platform helped it fine-tune its visions and turn them into a strategy.

The VMP personnel service company is in the throes of great societal change. VMP is identifying opportunities in the changes.

iLOQ, which produces digital locking systems, shifted into a new gear in its internationalization process.

Vianor improves customer experience by developing management. In addition to a new strategy, success required that the personnel really put their heart into serving the customers.