Our customers share a desire to grow and make a profit. Our ambitious, growth-seeking customers include international success stories, medium-sized growth companies and reforming public bodies.

We serve our customers on their journey to growth and we are genuinely committed to their success.

The major changes taking place in the automotive trade require new skills from salespeople, which makes coaching more important than ever. For this demanding task, Veho chose Talen…

Danske Bank fine-tuned its network to challenge the customer with new views. Danske Bank started to develop a new customer encounter model in collaboration with Talent Vectia.

Metsä Group wanted to provide its specialists with skills for selling services and producing an excellent customer experience.

The VMP personnel service company is in the throes of great societal change. VMP is identifying opportunities in the changes.

Outotec found a clear need to update and develop their sales capabilities and processes. Talent Vectia tailored a six-month training program called License to Lead Sales for Outote…