New growth from radical change

The VMP personnel service company is in the throes of great societal change. VMP is identifying opportunities in the changes.

Business impact:

  • VMP Group has grown from an individual personnel leasing company into a group of 6 companies
  • Turnover has doubled in 5 years and profit has improved
  • New kinds of services are created on a regular basis (e.g., robot leasing)

“This line of business is in a similar situation as the banks. The core business is changing radically, and every operator is supplementing it with new services”, says Heimo Hakkarainen, the Group CEO of VMP Group, which offers personnel services.

The industry is undergoing several radical changes, of which digitalization, the change in the nature of work, and the health and social services reform are the most prominent.

Many steps towards innovation

Now VMP Group is a group of six companies that also provides, in addition to personnel leasing, personnel development services, aptitude assessment, and care services. When digitalization opens the doors to competition, it also opens opportunities for VMP.

“Analyzing information improves our client understanding, on the basis of which we can develop new services”, says Juha Pesola, the CEO of VMP Varamiespalvelu.

Great changes require quick reactions from personnel service companies. VMP demonstrated quickness when it launched a service pilot project to help the unemployed become employed during the great regional reform in the area of the 11 ELY Centres.

This pilot project is only one example of how the established arrangements in working life are changing. ‘There is no need to argue about who provides employment and who gets the credit for it. Both the private and public operators have their own role”, says Hakkarainen.


VMP has conducted several development projects with Talent Vectia in which strategy has been constructed and new services have been searched for. One of the most important projects has been the development of predictive and proactive selling and the client experience.

We don’t wait for the clients to send us quote requests, but search for targeted solutions which benefit precisely the client in question.”

Digitalization is an excellent aid in predictive selling. “While robots are taking care of basic tasks, the personnel can spend more time with the clients. This also improves the client experience”, summarizes Pesola.

Providing us with experience from other industries was an essential contribution by Talent Vectia to our development projects. ‘When issues are only discussed inside the company, the view often remains narrow. That’s why it pays off to listen to the experiences of others and apply them intelligently”, says Heimo Hakkarainen.

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