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Why don’t organizations behave according to their values? Based on our insight and experience, values are made real by making them visible, articulating, interpreting, simulating t…

Digitalization has been recognized as a key driver of business evolution across industries, and as a result, on the strategic agenda of all major companies. But where do you begin?

As the world is getting more complex and the rate of change is accelerating, the nature of business activities is also changing in a more networked direction.

Would you like your employees to find work as meaningful as you do? Studies show that organizations who invest in increasing employee experience are four times more productive than…

As part of ownership changes at the beginning of this year, Verona became Talent Vectia’s main owner. The purpose of the arrangement was to clarify Talent Vectia’s ownership struct…

Even though there are many scary views about the future, there are also many unleashed opportunities and places for growth and learning both for organizations and individuals.

Download our Growth publication to read 13 growth stories of our clients told in their own words. Stories, for example, about leadership, strategy and customer-oriented business mo…

Project Excellence programme is exceptionally versatile because it covers all the competence areas included in the ICB 4.0 standard.

Generating growth requires succeeding in both the continuous improvement of current and the creation of new business. In addition, these have to be accomplished simultaneously.

What makes sales so gratifying is that its results can be clearly measured. Few of us, however, recognize and acknowledge the elements of a sales culture that enables success.

The Finnish social and health care system is in the throes of a radical change. If the legislative reform is not carried out at this point, the system will change regardless.

What exactly does omnichannel customer experience entail, and how do you ensure a good experience?