Verona became Talent Vectia’s main owner – the companies partner up to expand to Luxembourg

As part of ownership changes at the beginning of this year, Verona became Talent Vectia’s main owner. The purpose of the arrangement was to clarify Talent Vectia’s ownership structure, widen our service offering and seek growth.

Talent Vectia and Verona have also started an innovative collaboration in Luxembourg. The aim is to serve international customers with a novel business model and widen the range of services offered to Finnish clients.

“Our expertise covers everything from business development to legal and tax matters. Particularly in central Europe, there is a great deal of interest in Nordic know-how that builds on lean hierarchies, flexibility, and a high level of trust and autonomy”, says Tom Lindholm, CEO at Talent Vectia.

The new service concept is a unique multi-family office that offers high-quality expert services to global families. The service offering includes, for example, international estate planning, wealth management, and strategic planning and governance for entrepreneurs, their families and businesses.

“The global concept offers our Finnish clients access to a wide international network. Our collaboration with Verona is a unique opportunity to serve our clients better in the international market and provide a wider range of services to companies at all stages of their lifecycle”, Lindholm says.

As part of the ownership changes, Talent Vectia appointed a new chairman of the board: David Steinegger, a highly esteemed European financial expert and partner at Verona.