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Coaching helps people develop as leaders and manage their own work in a more profitable manner.

Commercial thinking and business plans will provide new viewpoints and opportunities for successful organizing of social and healthcare services.

Customer retention will become one of the most important sources of competitiveness and competitive advantages with the social and healthcare services.

Our services help to find the solutions to ensure the region’s vitality and competitiveness.

Finnish social and healthcare services are going through great changes. Talent Vectia offers successful solutions for the social and healthcare transformation.

Together with our client, we design a process that focuses especially on the needs of supervisor work and building strong support for managing daily operations during the change.

Leading strategic changes to sustainable results with systematic and engaging programme management.

We help organizations to adopt Lean and agile philosophy and, methods meanwhile encourage them to learn through bold experiments.

More sustainable and profitable sales and dynamic account management.

We help our clients with holistic customer experience management and achieving desired business goals.

Organizations need to systematically invest in developing their project culture.

For employees to be able to effectively lead themselves in the future, they need support in developing necessary skills for self-leadership.

Our customized training programmes for management, supervisors and experts provide the participants with flexible and diverse tools to get their skills and leadership to the next l…

Developing leadership team’s work pays off; you get a team that is working towards common goals, makes decisions efficiently and acts as a good leadership role model for the organi…

Strategy-driven development of the organization’s capabilities and competencies can bring in significant business benefits.

Management model is a crucial tool in strategy execution: it forms the basis for culture of achieving and strategic agility.

Our aim is to develop employee experience comprehensively. Designing employee experience starts with having a vision and value promise for employees as well as setting the goals.

Values and leadership and operating principles derived from the values provide a foundation for culture development, support strategy implementation, and guide decision-making.

We work together with our customers to develop the themes of the organizational culture that are critical in supporting the success of the strategy.

We have developed efficient and profitable ways to shape the market and accelerate change by utilizing networks and developing ecosystems.

Finnish companies are often criticized for the lack of commercialization, while at the same time companies are praised for their leading technology, products and services. What wou…

We help our clients to succeed in their strategy work and ensure that your entire personnel is involved in developing the strategy from the very beginning.

We systematically identify new growth opportunities, make prioritizations and selections, and create a strategic plan for the selected opportunities.

We accelerate strategic change programmes, support leaders throughout the change, and ensure results.

We renew customer experience, processes as well as sales and account management to excellence.

We support competency development of future leaders: executive teams, supervisors, project managers, and experts.

We ensure success in strategy with employee experience, culture and management model development.

We create growth strategies, renew leadership and organizations, and accelerate growth.

We multiply growth with the creation of market-driven growth strategy and result driven realization.