Social and healthcare reform

Finnish social and healthcare services are going through great changes. The growing and drastically shifting customer needs for social and healthcare services, cost pressure and changing ways of delivering the services are driving the transformation. As a result of the social and healthcare reform, the responsibility and funding of social and healthcare services will be transferred to the regional authorities. This will mean increased freedom of choice for customers but also fiercer competition in the field. There will be competition between private and public service providers and also within the public sector. The described development will happen regardless of whether or not the social and healthcare reform will actually take place.

Talent Vectia offers successful solutions for the social and healthcare transformation.

Ensuring vitality and competitiveness

Our services help to find the solutions to ensure the region’s vitality and competitiveness.

Customer retention

Customer retention will become one of the most important sources of competitiveness and competitive advantages with the social and healthcare services.

Social and healthcare services as a business

Commercial thinking and business plans will provide new viewpoints and opportunities for successful organizing of social and healthcare services.

Lean social and healthcare reform

Renewing social and healthcare services using Lean principles.

What exactly does omnichannel customer experience entail, and how do you ensure a good experience?

The Finnish public sector provides the best teaching and education services in the world. Now we can direct our gaze to the future and predict what kinds of services will be needed…

The Finnish social and health care system is in the throes of a radical change. If the legislative reform is not carried out at this point, the system will change regardless.