Customer retention

Customer retention will become one of the most important factors of competitiveness and competitive advantages with the social and healthcare services. Customer groups and consumer behavior must be understood better and competition for customers has to be done in a proper way.

Business benefits and results:

  • Value-based customer segmentation
  • Model for productization and commercialization
  • Go-to-market model

Customer retention determines success

The renewal of social and healthcare services requires market players to be able to build the right service packages and to inform customers about them in the right way. We have carried out several initiatives in different sectors to increase understanding of different customer groups. As a result, our clients have become significantly better at retaining customers and they have increased the offering, cost-efficiency and profitability of services suited for the customer groups.

Our service increases customer understanding

Our service will give you a clear and outlined picture of what kind of customer groups you should be focusing on as a social and healthcare service provider. Suitable customer groups and services will be selected based on fact-based segmentation. Further, the productization and commercialization of the services will be clarified.

As a result, you will receive a dynamic customer segmentation model that you can use to manage customer groups and customer relations in accordance with the selected strategy. In addition, a ready-made service productization, commercialization and go-to-market model will be created and can be used with your own experts in the future.

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