Ensuring vitality and competitiveness

During the social and healthcare sectors reform, it is important to secure the social and healthcare services for the residents of the area, ensure jobs and tax revenue in the service sector, and secure the service providers’ social and healthcare service assets.

Business benefits and results:

  • An account and understanding of the region’s vitality and competitiveness
  • Contingency planning for the change and future solutions
  • Planning and finding progress models for future activities
  • Service provider’s own chances and outlinings

Secure social and healthcare services in the 2020s

Municipalities, regions and decision makers need to make important decisions during the social and healthcare reform and transformation. They must find the best and future-proof solutions to secure the region’s social and healthcare services through the reform. Securing the social and healthcare services will also secure jobs and preserve tax revenue. At the same time, it is important to inspect the current and future service providers’ premises, which play a significant role in developing the social and healthcare services and the service network.

Our services help to find the solutions to ensure the region’s vitality and competitiveness. As a result, there will be a shared vision between the operative management and political decision making, how to navigate the social and healthcare service reform while securing the region’s competitiveness and vitality.

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