Lean social and healthcare reform

The changes required by the social and healthcare reform are great. They will be realized in different kinds of projects and initiatives. However, carrying out a traditional change initiative rarely pays off. Therefore, Lean principles should also be applied to the social and healthcare reform.

Business benefits and results:

  • Fast realization of the renewal and positive experience thanks to efficient time management
  • Bold experiments and experience-based target definition for the renewal
  • Widely engaging cooperation and concrete results
  • Increase in the client’s own change and implementation capabilities

Renewing the social and healthcare services using Lean principles

Our service enables successful implementation of big renewals and changes. Results are instant, and project-like working has been taken to a whole new level. Working is based on Lean principles and using gamification methods. This will result in several small and quick changes thus ensuring you to achieve the set goals. The methods and models will create positive change experience for the employees carrying out the renewal. Our service is suitable for different kinds of renewals, and it is always adapted to the client’s situation. We have gained experience from our method with companies from different fields and service providers within the public sector. The customer experience has been excellent.

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