Social and healthcare services as a business

In all the progress options for the social and healthcare reform, customers’ freedom of choice will increase and competition will become more fierce between private and public sector and public service providers. Commercial thinking and business plans will provide new viewpoints and opportunities for successful organizing of social and healthcare services. Retaining customers, cost-efficiency and excellent employee and customer experience will determine the winners in the social and healthcare transformation.

Business benefits and results:

  • A concrete business plan
  • Increase in the organization’s commercial thinking
  • Pilot initialization and support for plan realization

Commercializing social and healthcare services

We support our clients by finding new and straightforward ways to utilize the opportunities created by the social and healthcare reform. We analyze your organization’s current position in the reform, what benefits business-like thinking could bring, or how you could significantly improve your current business. The customers, personnel and shareholders’ perspective will be taken into consideration when making the review.

Our service will help you to tackle the organization’s current social and healthcare activities or business from a market shaping perspective. We will review how you can succeed in the social and healthcare reform by utilizing new kind of commercial thinking and goal setting. The initiative will result in a concrete business plan made from the client’s point of view. We will also help in initializing experiments and measures to pilot the plan in action.

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