Talent Finance is an agent of renewal: it creates an operating model for continuously increasing owner value. We are independent of banks and other financiers. We have an extensive network of contacts within companies and in the public sector.

We have the ability to develop strategies and balance sheets and to identify financing risks in order to create an entity that enables us to implement the most appropriate long-term financing solution.


We help our customers to identify the most appropriate long-term financing solution, as well as the actions that must be taken in relation to financing and balance sheet risks. We will help you to develop your balance sheet, find the most competitive financing and optimize your range of instruments. We work with our customers to identify risks and challenges related to business development, and we offer help in addressing these and boosting operational efficiency.

We strive to generate results that our customers can measure in financial terms.

  • Realizing and maximizing benefits using new financing strategies and arrangements
  • Reducing financing risk using appropriate hedging strategies and instruments
  • Optimising human resources and time resourcing with regard to financing and boosting operational efficiency
  • Analysis of financing alternatives and steering the selection process
  • Developing the management of balance sheet costs, capital availability and sufficiency of collateral


We actively include the customer in addressing challenges. We do not simply place ready-made concept solutions on the table: we work with our customers to solve challenges for the benefit of owners.

Our wide field of expertise and extensive network enable high-quality operational development and continuity. We will stay by your side throughout practical implementation, providing you with solutions ranging from financing to planning, management and practical implementation.

Pasi Kämäri

Head of Talent Finance

+358 500 688222

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