A growth strategy seeks both renewal and new growth, while ensuring continuing success. In addition to natural growth, business opportunities must be created and managed in an active, bold way. An active approach to identifying growth across market boundaries will lead to rewards.

There is often demand for the organization’s expertise in new ecosystems. By shaping markets, moulding ecosystems and networking across traditional borders, business sectors can be pointed in a direction that favour the organization’s activities.

Long-term vision and agile, everyday actions combined are essential to growth strategy implementation. Instead of the previous 3–5-year strategic planning cycle, we encourage our customers to create an inspiring long-term vision and head towards it by taking agile actions together with customers and employees. As a part of this renewal, the new opportunities presented by digital technologies are identified for use in renewal of business models.

A shared strategic story engages people, encouraging them to head in the new direction and implement strategy through everyday actions.


At Talent Vectia, we bring a people-oriented perspective to strategy work while sparring with personnel to provide renewal and new approaches to shape the organization’s future. We take into consideration the experiences of employees and customers, and we help our customers to implement their strategies in everyday operations. We identify new growth platforms and help customers to build a digital earnings logic while exploiting our Lean expertise.

We seek growth potential in new forms of earnings logic brought about by digitalization. We have helped our customers to prepare innovation ecosystems and create more networked operating cultures. We will work with you to create a picture of your future customer relationships and build an operating model that will enable you to meet the needs of these relationships.

We also actively involve every member of personnel in strategy simulation, helping them to become committed to their strategy through means such as gamification and experimentation.


A potential partner should be included from the start, when the strategic phase is being planned. A good partner will offer help, all the way from planning to implementation. We will help you to see new growth platforms and market potential, offering sparring on process completion and result achievement. The basic pillars of a growth strategy are:

  • identifying growth markets and preparing a growth path
  • simulating strategy and putting it into action
  • forming a new agile operating method and culture to realise your vision

This results in more committed and more inspired people who will put the strategy into practice. There is always space for growth. Start innovating for tomorrow’s success today.

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Senior Partner

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