Increasingly, people go to work for more than just the work itself – people desire to develop and fulfil their potential, and this is an essential part of modern working life. Experiencing a greater sense of meaningfulness at work does not just make us more committed – it also increases our happiness.

Managing the meaningfulness of work should be on every manager’s agenda. Working life is increasingly learning-intensive, requiring creativity and an ability to overhaul existing practices and take the initiative. Inspiration and ownership are key drivers of success.


We help our customers to manage organizations and people using motivational factors. We combine a positive psychology and systematic thought process with business expertise. We work with our customers to create the best methods for renewal, identifying a passion for taking action and making strategy a reality.

For strategy to succeed, we need meaningfulness and direction – a star in the sky, objectives and expectations articulated through dialogue. A path where the milestones are clearly signposted and, if necessary, repositioned through dialogue. The feeling of success is promoted by the experience of belonging and the opportunity to fulfil our potential, make decisions and take responsibility. The opportunity to captain our own ship with trust in our navigation skills. It does not matter if we occasionally run aground. In relation to these essential factors, appreciation and trust are feelings that we want to foster all around ourselves. These give rise to ownership and commitment.

Our services for managing the meaningfulness of work:

  • Strategic cultural renewal programmes
  • Managing group development programmes
  • Leadership programmes

Modern management revolves around meaningful encounters, smart curiosity, appreciating diversity, empowerment and creating a culture based on collaboration and agile development. Which of these would you like to reinforce within your organisation? Let us join you in creating a better working life and boosting happiness.

Sini Lindholm

Head of Employee Experience & Leadership

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