As of the beginning of 2019, responsibility for providing social and health care services will be transferred from municipalities to 18 regional administrations. The change will affect a total of more than 300 public organizations and more than 200,000 social and health care professionals. The key aspects of the reform are freedom of choice and newly created companies, representing a radical change on the present situation. The need for reform is currently greater than ever before.

As regards the areas of social and health care, society is heading towards new, completely unknown ground, where the entire purpose and existence of the services must be defined. Municipalities will also need to re-evaluate the purpose of their activities from new perspectives. Neither of the aforementioned situations allows participants to fall back on safe or stable situations – genuine reform must be found. Social and health care reform is not the only challenge: digitalisation is also moving the goalposts.


Defining a renewal an implementation plan in a professional way, making use of sufficient, effectively accumulated experience in equivalent processes, enables organisations to materially improve the probability of success in processes of change. Talent Vectia’s visionary, wide-ranging, concrete approach is based on  strong, diverse expertise gained in similar change projects in both the public and private sector.

Talent Vectia is the only operator in the sector that can offer comprehensive expert services for managing processes of change all the way from strategic processes to management and personnel and cultural development; from hardware to peopleware.

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