Management model and organization structure

Management model is a crucial tool in strategy execution: it forms the basis for culture of achieving and strategic agility.

Business benefits and results:

  • Successful execution in strategy as well as strengthened co-operation throughout the organization will increase
  • More clear, systematized, and efficient operations
  • Increased sense of ownership, motivation and meaningfulness will increase, which in turn leads to better employee experience

Renewal requires new structures and leadership models

Management models and organization structures are typically redefined after strategy creation. In addition, clients turn to us to update their management model and organization structure when their goal is to boost innovation, build new businesses, succeed in the merger or increase their organization’s ability to self-manage.

Our approach to management model and organizational structure renewal combines two perspectives. First, we define a clear management model (e.g. management dimensions, roles, and forums). Second, we reinforce the organization’s as well as the individuals’ ability to self-manage to create agility and dissolve unnecessary bureaucracy and hierarchy.

Defining a clear management model:

We start defining the management model by identifying what needs to be led for the strategy to succeed. Then we take a look at the alternative structures and define management dimensions that support leading the key aspects for success of strategy.
To continue, we define leadership roles, responsibilities and forums. This means that we clarify which roles have a leadership responsibility and what are the forums e.g. for decision-making.

Then we fine-tune the management model by defining a model for success and performance management to support individuals in finding a role that is relevant in relation to the strategy, setting and achieving goals and in their personal development.

Reinforcing the organization’s as well as the individuals’ ability to self-manage

Management model forms the backbone for leading and getting things done. Additionally, we need to reinforce the individuals’ ability to lead themselves and others and to give them mandate to make decisions in an agile manner, by utilizing their best expertise.
Clear values and principles support the organization’s and individuals’ ability to self-manage. In addition, the individuals’ self-leadership skills often require development as well.