Values and principles

Values and leadership and operating principles derived from the values provide a foundation for culture and its development, support strategy implementation, and guide operations and decision-making on daily basis.

Business benefits and results:

  • Values and principles guide in making the best decisions from the point of views of customers, business and strategy, teams and individuals
  • Clear and unambiguous values and principles create clear expectations for behavior and action, as well as criteria for their assessment
  • Strongly instilled values and principles increase the mandate, sense of autonomy and self-leadership, and thus reinforce good employee and customer experience

Values and principles to guide decision-making and operations

Every organization has its own values: for some the values are explicit, acknowledged and clearly articulated, while for others they are more unconscious. To make the values and principles visible by verbally describing them in clear and unambiguous manners is a great starting point to make them known. But how can you reach the point where the values are truly internalized and they guide strategy execution, development of culture, and day-to-day work and decision-making?

This is how we define values and principles together with our clients:

We define an authentic style for your organization to describe values and principles. Actual values and principles are of course the most important thing, but as values are typically illustrated in writing, the definition of an authentic style will help in clarifying values and principles.

We identify manifestations of important and desired behaviours, both in the present and in the future, which represent the core and aspirational values. We define the underlying values and principles that guide behaviour and actions towards the desired direction. Additionally, we elaborate the values and principles through behaviour and actions.

We simulate behaviour and actions in accordance with values and principles digitally or through face-to-face discussions. This is to create mutual understanding and strengthen ways of working aligned with values and principles.

We verify the values and principles and make sure they come to life by weaving them into all employee related processes, such as recruitment, performance management, feedback discussions, compensation and rewards.