Customer experience

Companies with customer experience as their strategic priority outperform their competitors. Studies show that a great customer experience can generate three times greater return compared to companies that have not invested in customer experience. Focusing on customer experience reinforces the brand, results in more loyal customers, increases sales and helps in improving in-house processes.

Business benefits and results:

  • Growth in customer loyalty: good customer experience makes customers return, time after time
  • Growth in sales: increase in current customers’ purchase frequency and winning new customers with a differentiating customer experience will grow your business
  • Profitability: serving existing customers is six times more profitable compared to obtaining new customers. In-house development investments and for example managing the product portfolio will become more efficient when investments are based on maximizing customer value

Customer-centric organization

We help our clients with holistic customer experience management and achieving desired business goals. The biggest challenges with developing customer experience are stand-alone development projects, forgetting to leverage multi-channel communications, the lack of abilities, and inefficient operating models.

Through our extensive expertise and successful client projects, we have built a successful customer experience framework.

It all starts with a vision and customer value proposition

Target-oriented development work starts with understanding the customer needs, current situation and future demands. How customer-centric is your current business culture, how do your customers experience that? What are your biggest development opportunities? What kind of changes are required? What can be achieved quickly, and what needs to be done to exceed the customer expectations in the future?

Defining a clear, engaging and strategy-driven goal is an important part of succeeding. Are you striving for continuous small-scale development for your current operating models, or are you trying to innovate new, distinguishable operating models to serve your customers?

An inspiring, concrete and easy to understand  sets a direction and creates purpose for the employees of your company. The promise given to customers is the strongest way to guide your company’s daily operations.

Prioritizing development portfolio through customer understanding

It is essential to understand the most important customer segments within the multi-channel customer path. Qualitative research methods and data analysis help building a clear picture of the customer behaviour.

After mapping the customer needs, we help with the customer segmentation and profiling. Additionally, developing the processes that add customer value, and reducing loss are vital in building a good customer experience. Everyone can appreciate smooth, professional and friendly services, but what do your customers expect and what does it mean for your processes?
Based on the customer understanding, you can focus your limited resources into the exact product and service portfolios that have the greatest business potential.

Customer experience management

Managing customer experience without goals and clear indicators is impossible. Performance metrics indicate success, but KPI metrics are the day-to-day tools for customer experience management. During our cooperation, we define the performance metrics and KPIs for customer experience and link them to your management system.

We also help building the customer experience management system and thus ensuring continuous improvement. Reviewing the progress of customer experience, analyzing the metrics and following results must be implemented as part of the organization’s management system.

Building a customer-centric operational culture

Good employee experience is the foundation of excellent customer experience. Still today there usually is a human being present at the top customer experience moments. We at Talent Vectia are forerunners in developing employee experience and like to include the employee experience point of view in the customer experience development.

Committing to building customer-centric culture requires smooth in-house cooperation and recurring daily actions. All organizational levels and units must be engaged in delivering a great customer experience.

We use many participatory and engaging tools to support our clients in improving customer experience, for example training programmes and LOGE, the virtual solution developed for discussions and communal learning.

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