Customer-centric process development and Lean

Today’s Lean thinking combines the principles of Lean and agile development, and takes advantage of the possibilities of digitality. We help organizations to adopt Lean and agile philosophy and methods, meanwhile encourage them to learn through bold experiments. Lean tools and methods are part of our daily work with fast renewal cycles.

Business benefits and results:

  • More satisfied customers as the organization is focused on creating customer value
  • Satisfied and committed personnel
  • The organization’s management skills improve
  • More efficient operations, for example with shorter lead-times in projects and productivity and profitability improvements

Lean in developing customer experience

Great customer experience requires operational excellence. For customer-centric development and implementation, we need to know the client’s current and future expectations, and focus on improving the operations that bring added value for the client. We help our clients to manage and utilize customer understanding in their business development.

Continuous improvement

The main principle of Lean is continuous improvement as part of the organization’s daily operations.
We actively include our clients and personnel in developing the operations. When work and job descriptions change, it is easier to commit to a new way of working when you have been involved in the planning from the very beginning.
We improve and streamline the operations systematically and on a long-term basis. We build continuous renewal, innovativeness, flow efficiency and agile culture, using Lean and agile methods and growth mindset as our tools.

Lean leadership and strategic change programmes

Successful change requires commitment on all organization levels.

A Lean leader is a coach and mentor, who seeks for solutions together with others. They encourage, allow for personal growth and development, and act as a role model through change. A Lean leader needs the support of visual management tools and clear measures.

Additionally, we offer support in managing strategic Lean change programmes. Often, we start the change with pilots to get quick and concrete business benefits simultaneously with the organization’s Lean skills. Lean is implemented in incremental steps as part of the organization’s transformation journey. The goal is a management model that sets the direction, supports agile experiments and continuous improvement.

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