Foresight-based growth strategy

Growth is built on identifying and creating new opportunities as well as renewing current business. We help our clients to grow their current business, find new growth opportunities and accelerate new business development.

Growth strategy

We help our clients to succeed in their strategy work and ensure that your entire personnel is involved in developing the strategy from the very beginning.

Growth portfolio

We systematically identify new growth opportunities, make prioritizations and selections, and create a strategic plan for the selected opportunities.

Business development and commercialization

Finnish companies are often criticized for the lack of commercialization, while at the same time companies are praised for their leading technology, products and services. What wou…

Market shaping and ecosystems

We have developed efficient and profitable ways to shape the market and accelerate change by utilizing networks and developing ecosystems.


Generating growth requires succeeding in both the continuous improvement of current and the creation of new business. In addition, these have to be accomplished simultaneously.

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Work life and people‚Äôs attitude towards working is changing. Phenomena, such as the diversity of the labour force and different expectations about work, the polarization of groups…