Growth strategy

Only one per cent of Finnish companies have a good strategy. Have you built your strategy to win the battle of today or to build a sustainable and meaningful future?

Business benefits and results:

  • An understanding of future phenomena and market trends will help in preparing for change and identifying new opportunities
  • A shared vision of the goal-oriented future and purpose will create a solid foundation for success
  • A clear strategic direction and objective together with justified outlines significantly support in achieving goals
  • Creating strategy together refines its content, increases organization’s development capabilities and accelerates strategy implementation

Engaging personnel in the strategy process pays off

We state that the reason behind an unsuccessful strategy is often the fact that the strategy itself is not clear and refined. Creating a unique winning strategy can be quite challenging without a unique insight. We help our clients to succeed in their strategy work and ensure that the company’s entire personnel is involved in developing the strategy from the very beginning. This will also provide the best start for strategy execution.

The steps towards a unique, clear and refined growth strategy

  1. We create a common understanding of the expectations: typically the board of directors, shareholders, management and employees all have their own expectations of the strategy work.
  2. We create a view of the future. Studies show that companies that are future prepared can grow 200% faster and be 33% more profitable compared to companies in general. We lay the groundwork for the vision of the future by identifying trends and phenomena and their significance and meaning, build alternative future scenarios and paths, and start seeking the direction for growth for example by finding solutions to global challenges.
  3. Purpose can be infectious and helps in moving towards the vision. We define what kind of an impact we want to have in the lives of our stakeholders as well what do we want to achieve. Purpose, meaning why an organization exists, has a great importance: companies that have a strong purpose are more profitable, innovative and more capable of change, and their employees and clients are more engaged. In addition to the purpose, we create a vision and concretize it in numbers, if needed.
  4. We identify the opportunities and means for growth, create clear and reasonable prioritization of them, and develop a roadmap for growth.
  5. We ensure the success of the strategy by identifying the needed capabilities, strategic development projects and support needed from the business and management models. We also have expertise in developing a culture that supports strategy execution.
  6. We believe in the power of story: we create a story out of the strategy to bring inspiration and energy when moving towards the vision.

The best start for strategy implementation is to decide to do it together.

We create strategy together with our client. We believe that strategy creation and execution are social processes. Both common direction and everyone’s role in implementing strategy can be found through dialogue. Our digital dialogue solution, LOGE, makes it possible for even a larger group to be involved in the strategy work. In addition to your organization, strategic clients and partners can also be included in the process.

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