Change support for supervisors

Organizations are constantly renewing and developing their structures to improve competitiveness and productivity. On a practical level, this means a variety of changes aimed at renewal, including changes in job descriptions, increased use of automatization and artificial intelligence, outsourcing of non-core operations, and integrating different units into one larger production unit. Change is constant, and change management capabilities are needed in all levels of the organization.

Business benefits and results:

  • Supervisors’ programme that is linked to client’s renewal goals to support the implementation of change in everyday operations
  • Supervisors have a clear idea of the stages of change, their own role in them and what to focus on in managing their own team
    • Concrete methods for managing different kinds of situations and handling emotional reactions
    • Concrete tools and models for supervisors on how to move forward with the team in a changed situation
  • Organization’s capability in implementing change through dialogue while aiming for future and maintaining the earning power

Change management support

The way in which the planning of work restructuring and dialogue with employees is managed and handled has a significant impact on the organization’s performance, reputation, and growth target realization. Together with our client’s leadership team and HR department, we design a process that focuses especially on the needs of supervisor work and building strong support for managing daily operations during the change. We help in planning the whole process and acknowledging the perspective of different parties, as well as coach managers to lead their teams in different stages of change, and bring pragmatic models and tools for managers to support the group and individual management.

This is how we support change management:

  • We help identifying the risks of change implementation and find ways to minimize the risks.
  • We provide intense support and coaching already at the launching phase of the change as well as during the change and possible co-operation negotiations, and coach managers to have appreciative change discussions.
  • After implementing the restructuring, we process the experiences together with managers, reinforce peer support and offer personal and group coaching processes to support management and obtain a good start with the new team.

Appreciative management approach in demanding change situations

Processes, models and tools support supervisors in leadership during demanding changes and especially in co-operation negotiations. From the organization’s resources and performance perspective, it is at least equally critical to support managers in facing individuals and different situations and emotions, and provide them with good preconditions to have an appreciative approach even to difficult discussion topics, from human to human.