Strategic leadership competencies

Changes in organizational structures, increased networking and competition for the best experts make today’s leadership challenging. Traditional hierarchical management has been replaced by modern leadership, where growth is created by a shared vision, motivation-based leadership and agile culture of experimentation.

Work is changing, and preparing for it requires the ability to foresee the development needs of different capabilities, competences and the work itself.

Developing strategic competencies

Strategy-driven development of the organization’s capabilities and competencies can bring in significant business benefits.

Leadership team development

Developing leadership team’s work pays off; you get a team that is working towards common goals, makes decisions efficiently and acts as a good leadership role model for the organi…

Leadership, supervisor and expert programmes

Our customized training programmes for management, supervisors and experts provide the participants with flexible and diverse tools to get their skills and leadership to the next l…


For employees to be able to effectively lead themselves in the future, they need support in developing necessary skills for self-leadership.


Coaching helps people develop as leaders and manage their own work in a more profitable manner.

Project management

Organizations need to systematically invest in developing their project culture.

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Project Excellence programme is exceptionally versatile because it covers all the competence areas included in the ICB 4.0 standard.