Leadership, supervisor and expert programmes

In the future, all of us must be able to lead ourselves, others and demanding projects in networks. Our customized training programmes for management, supervisors and experts provide the participants with flexible and diverse tools to get their skills and leadership to the next level.

Business benefits and results:

  • Achieving strategic goals and business benefits faster and developing relevant expertise
  • Raising the level of leadership, which in turn increases employee commitment and reinforces good employee experience
  • Self-leadership resources of superrvisors and working community will increase, which enhances well-being and productivity

Strategic goals as the basis for training programmes

Our programmes meet our clients’ most important strategic goals and have a proven impact in achieving those goals. We strongly believe in linking the efficiency measures to business benefits, modular and complex programme structure and putting things into practice. Coaching leadership is our philosophy for both leadership and training, and most of our programmes are built on it. The basis for coaching leadership is to encourage and help people to find their own potential. It relies on people’s resources, increases taking responsibility and adds productivity in a world where there are no ready-made answers.

Talent Vectians are true professionals, with a lot of experience in leadership programs. The communication has been excellent, and the Talent Vectia team always brings us continuous ideas for improvement.” — Elke Humpert, Vice President, Management Development and Learning, Outokumpu

This is how we plan and execute the effective management, supervisor and expert programmes:

We start planning the programme by going through the most important strategic goals with the client to find out what kind of programme would develop the organization’s competencies and leadership in the best way.

We select the most important competencies and leadership themes that require development as well as the efficiency measures linked to the business benefits. We provide our clients extensive support in competence development: the development areas can be related to, for example, strategic thinking, business development, solution or service business, or sales management, whereas the leadership themes to be developed are often related to coaching leadership, workflow management, change leadership, continuous improvement as well as agile ways of working, project management and self-leadership.

We build a modular programme structure that supports diverse learning and putting things into practice. We ensure that the development of competencies and leadership themes support one another. We have, for example, combined customer experience development with coaching leadership, and have had supervisors to use coaching leadership skills to spar with their personnel and encourage them in achieving business goals. There has been a clear link between coaching leadership methods and improved customer service as well as increased sales and gross margin.

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