Developing strategic competencies

Continuous development and learning have become more crucial in the competitive business environment. Systematic and strategy-driven development of the organization’s capabilities and competencies can bring in significant business benefits.

Business benefits and results:

  • Shared understanding of speed and drivers of the change of work, as well as an organization-specific vision of the future work in 2/5/10 years
  • Identified future competencies and strategic capabilities to ensure the achievement of the set goals, and a development plan for them (2/5/10 years)
  • Learning solutions and tools to support re- and upskilling of key strategic competencies on an organizational and individual level. Tools and solutions to reinforce continuous learning and development of individual learning paths.

Change in work requires identifying future competencies

Company’s business environment is constantly changing. Change requires ability to foresee the required future capabilities and the development needs of competencies and the work itself. The future competitiveness is based on not only strategic choices but also developing strategically important capabilities, skills, leadership competencies and working methods. Responsible employers build future capabilities today.

We approach developing future competencies through three key themes:

Future workshop: work in 20xx
In the workshop you will identify the key drivers of change for your organization and industry, and choose the desired direction. Organization receives a shared understanding of the drivers of change, trends and phenomena, and their significance and influence. A shared vision of future of work and increased ability to predict the future will help in making your strategy successful.

Identifying, prioritizing and developing the strategic competencies
According to our view, which is also supported by extensive research results, organization’s capability consists of three components: competencies, processes and systems. Typically, we begin the development of strategic capability by defining and evaluating strategic business and leadership competencies. After analyzing key strategic competencies both on organizational and individual level we’ll work on an optimized operational processes and organization’s systems to best support strategic capability.

Developing strategic expertise, including competency development solutions
In the future, we are all expected to take a proactive approach in reshaping our own work and developing our skills to ensure agile change and achieving shared goals. This requires self-leadership, systemic thinking and people skills development. Also, our ability to adopt a growth mindset and reflect are future skills needed. On the organizational level it is important to ensure that operational processes and leadership support agile ways of working and continuous learning.

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