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Talent Vectia customised a coaching course for the company to support the change management skills of Caruna’s team leaders.

We help our clients with holistic customer experience management and achieving desired business goals.

Download our Growth publication to read 13 growth stories of our clients told in their own words. Stories, for example, about leadership, strategy and customer-oriented business mo…

KONE wanted to use gaming features as a part of its strategic communication. The game was tailored to meet the needs.

What makes sales so gratifying is that its results can be clearly measured. Few of us, however, recognize and acknowledge the elements of a sales culture that enables success.

What exactly does omnichannel customer experience entail, and how do you ensure a good experience?

The Finnish public sector provides the best teaching and education services in the world. Now we can direct our gaze to the future and predict what kinds of services will be needed…

Danske Bank fine-tuned its network to challenge the customer with new views. Danske Bank started to develop a new customer encounter model in collaboration with Talent Vectia.

Metsä Group wanted to provide its specialists with skills for selling services and producing an excellent customer experience.

Vianor improves customer experience by developing management. In addition to a new strategy, success required that the personnel really put their heart into serving the customers.