We offer you a platform for developing and strengthening your expertise quickly, and support you on your journey to becoming a respected thought leader within the field of your choosing. So what do we do in practice?

Associate consultants collect and analyze material, create specified project content, and support in planning and executing workshops. Depending on how fast you are willing to learn, associate consultant is given independent responsibilities in projects, so that you can grow into a consultant.

Consultants / Trainers create high-quality project content by interpreting analysis and findings into conclusions that are relevant for the customer. You independently manages clearly specified parts of the project and assist in acquiring new projects as a member of the sales team.

Senior Consultants / Senior Trainers are responsible for leading projects and ensuring customer satisfaction by understanding the customer’s objectives and challenges and guiding the project team in developing tailored solutions for them. You create new content and develop Talent Vectia methods and are responsible for generating new projects.

Managing Consultants / Managing Trainers independently lead demanding projects. You proactively develop sales opportunities by understanding potential customer’s business logic and challenges, and what Talent Vectia can offer them. You have a strong content platform and are recognized as an expert.

Senior Partners, as owners are responsible for the overall success of the company and show significant contribution in effective content and demand creation, systematic sales and client management, and excellent project delivery.

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