Talent Vectia was founded in the summer of 2012 with the merger of Talent Partners and Vectia, two established Finnish consulting companies. The merger created an opportunity to build significant new competence and client value.

Talent Partners, founded by Kari Kasanen and Jouko Hannus in 2000, had much experience in the consulting and training business. The company had a strong position in the execution of demanding change processes for both businesses and the public sector.  Talent Partners provided the new company with strong expertise in the fields of strategy, management systems and culture, as well as coaching and training.

Vectia, founded by Professor Kaj Storbacka in 1994, grew into a significant enterprise in the consulting practice over a period of 18 years. Market design, customer experience and relationship management, and solution business development is Vectia’s core competence. The backbone of this internationally acclaimed expertise has been the company’s long-term commitment to applied research and numerous multi-client projects.

Combining both Talent Partner’s practical expertise and Vectia’s applied research, we today offer our customers unique needs-based solutions and support in tackling the changes they imply. In return we have the pleasure of working in a fast paced, challenging and tightly knit work environment.

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Tom Lindholm

CEO, Senior Partner

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Talent Vectia