Our way of working

Our culture at Talent Vectia is constantly developing. It’s based on the principles we have created together to guide our day-to-day work.

Culture is created by people. Our culture is not set in stone; it is repeatedly challenged by our company’s greatest asset, our people. Nevertheless, together we have written principles to guide our day-to-day work.

Our principles

A bold thought leader gives space for new insights, tries things out and substantiates them.
We keep challenging our own and others’ way of thinking. We invest in developing our knowledge and staying on top of the latest information to share it with our clients.
What best describes us Talent Vectians is our courage to work towards our own passion and the success of our community.

A driver of customer value always brings additional value for the client. The driver can foresee, challenge and offer alternatives.
At Talent Vectia we strive to develop our clients’ business opportunities and find solutions to challenges. To us, achieving the client’s targets and creating customer value are matters of honor.

We always verify the impact of our work to the clients’ everyday business and growth. Additionally, we actively measure client satisfaction and our customers’ willingness to recommend us. We are a long-term partner who ensures the success of our clients’ business.

A result-driven team player is able to give and receive feedback, share their knowledge and is engaged in every encounter.
We take advantage of our colleagues’ know-how and work together with passion to achieve quality results.

By collaborating closely with our clients, we create permanent capabilities for our client organizations. We strongly believe that collaboration not only brings better results for our clients but also makes our work more joyful. Working together helps us learn from each other and everyone of us is responsible to both our clients and our team.