We foster a unique way of working together by following three principles:

We challenge our own and others’ way of thinking, invest in developing our knowledge and staying on top of the latest information, in order to give space for new insights and experiments. Each of us is a bold thought leader, or Rohkea näkijä, as we call it.

We develop close relationships with our customers and bring them value by understanding complex transformational changes and projects, challenging existing ideas, presenting alternatives, and delivering desired results. Each of us is a value creating influencer, Asiakasarvoa luova vaikuttaja.

We share and utilize knowledge to ensure high quality results, give and receive feedback and knowledge in a respectful manner, trust and give responsibility, respect other people’s time, and act as ambitious role models for what Talent Vectia stands for. Each of us is a result-oriented team player, Tuloksellinen joukkuepelaaja.

We believe we are more than the sum of our people, and that is why our way of working is our backbone. The principles we have, are followed by everyone, because this makes Talent Vectia, our community, a Rohkea näkijä, Asiakasarvoa luova vaikuttaja, and a Tuloksellinen joukkuepelaaja.

Talent Vectia