Work with us

Here you will get to work with industry leaders in an atmosphere that supports your own personality and personal growth. The members of our working community, Talent Vectians, are the key asset in our work. We believe that people’s well-being and finding our own work meaningful are the reasons behind our thriving working community.

Three good reasons to apply
  1. Meaningful work

    Helping our clients in their business challenges is the core that makes our work meaningful every day. Our aim is to create sustainable growth and build welfare for future generations together with our customers.

  2. Passionate community

    We are passionate and aim high while caring about our community and each other. The members of our working community, Talent Vectians, are the key asset in our work. Our culture is based on the principles we have created together to guide our day-to-day work.

  3. Best opportunities for personal growth

    Best opportunity for personal development and growth is at the core of our business. We support each other and help everyone to succeed. Every Talent Vectian is an approachable people-oriented expert in strategic business development.

Working at Talent Vectia

Clients are the spice of our work. We have a broad clientele, which means you will be able to take part in many interesting projects. You will be strongly developing our clients’ businesses and you can challenge yourself in different kinds of solution-focused projects.

We constantly monitor our people’s employee experience. It is important to us that every Talent Vectian is given the best opportunities for personal growth. For us, superiors are not superiors, but success enablers, who support the success and growth of our employees.

Our culture is best described by our people

We ranked among the best workplaces in the Great Place to Work survey in 2018 and 2019. However, the best spokespersons for our culture are our own people.

Here are a few examples of how our people describe working at Talent Vectia in their own words:

“We have a particularly strong culture of involvement. This can be seen in the fact that everyone can contribute to the company’s strategy as well as other initiatives that aim at developing our operations. Additionally, everyone has a chance to focus on advancing different kinds of development ideas or projects related to their personal interests, drive and passion – seniority is not a hindrance.”

“Talent Vectians have a good will. We try to solve problems together and help our co-workers. The atmosphere here is grown-up and casual, we have smart people discussing topical issues with a good sense of humor. At client meetings, you can always count on your co-workers to conduct themselves as true professionals.”

“People have superb passion for creating customer value and we have wide know-how across different fields in our company. Combining these makes us get great results for our clients.”