Meet Millariia Wikman, Senior Consultant

Millariia Wikman works as a Senior Consultant at Talent Vectia, focusing mostly on strategy projects. Most of her days go to ensuring project delivery, producing content, and working with clients, but her responsibilities also include taking part in proposal work for new projects.

Why did you choose to work at Talent Vectia?

When I was taking my masters, one of our professors asked us students what kind of things motivate us at work and in life in general. That made me start to self-reflect on what was the common denominator in all of the things that I had found motivating until that day. As a result of this self-reflection, I realized that all of them were included in consultant’s work, and so I began the search for a suitable consulting company.

I had not heard of Talent Vectia before running into the recruitment ad, but the positive and professional image conveyed from the ad stuck in my mind. After looking into the company culture more closely, I was convinced that this company was exactly what I was looking for: here I would be able grow and develop as a professional and tackle diverse challenges and find solutions for them.

How have your responsibilities developed at Talent Vectia?

I started at Talent Vectia at the beginning of 2017 as an Associate Consultant almost straight from school and without any consulting experience. Already during my first weeks, I was taking part in client projects as a full team member. I remember that, in my first projects, all the new concepts were just buzzing in my ears and I had a hard time getting a grip of where the projects were going and what was coming next. Several months and projects later, both the concepts and projects have become part of my everyday life.

During these two years, I have been involved in 24 projects that represent all three of our business areas. Within each of these projects, my competence has developed, and also my responsibilities have increased step by step. Last year I worked as a project manager in eleven projects, first in smaller ones, then gradually getting bigger and more complex projects. At the same time the main focus has shifted to strategy projects, where I get to work with future phenomena and their impacts.

“I have received a lot of support to grow and develop, as well as responsibility and opportunities to influence my own work”, says Millariia

Why do you like working with us?

What is best at Talent Vectia are the interesting and challenging client projects and definitely the people with whom I have been able to dive into these projects. During these two years, every day has given me something; be it an idea, the feeling of success, or learning something new.

I have received a lot of support to grow and develop, as well as responsibility and opportunities to influence my own work: that is all I hoped for and even more.

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