Meet Saara Karhula, Managing Consultant

Saara Karhula works as a Managing Consultant within leadership development at Talent Vectia. Her main responsibility is to lead client projects related to leadership or competence development, based on her own competence and areas of interest. In addition to client projects, Saara takes part in developing customer relations and is responsible for two service concepts and their development.

Why did you choose to work at Talent Vectia?

I am passionate about supporting the growth of people and companies, and this is also one of the core ideas in Talent Vectia’s business. I believe that people who are enthusiastic about their work and well-being can achieve better results, and this is the message I want to convey through my work together with our clients. I enjoy client work and developing organizations, and I think project-based work with different clients provides excellent opportunities for that. Taking into account that Talent Vectia’s values and principles are very similar to my own personal values, selecting this job and these people was definitely the right choice.

How have your responsibilities developed at Talent Vectia?

I have had a responsible role from the very beginning, and I have been given responsibility in several projects of my own and also the opportunity to develop completely new service concepts. At Talent Vectia, people are trusted and given a lot of responsibility, but thanks to teamwork nobody is left alone if any problems occur. Teamwork also enhances learning when you can spar with people from different backgrounds.

“I enjoy the independency and responsibility of my work and that there is potential to develop”, says Saara.

Why do you like working with us?

I value the multiprofessional and competent team around me and the opportunity to learn from both my colleagues and our wonderful clients. In addition, I enjoy the independency and responsibility of my work and that there is potential to develop. I think our culture is very encouraging and everyone is trusted to lead themselves and take responsibility. As mentioned, my own values are very close to those of Talent Vectia’s, so I like the way of working here and I feel like I belong here.

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