Meet Kari Fricke, Consultant

Kari Fricke works as a Consultant at Talent Vectia. His current responsibilities include strategy projects as well as diverse projects that relate to the ongoing social and healthcare reform. Tasks within these are diverse, mostly the days consist of the creation and visualization of analyses, preparation of workshops and client meetings, as well as contributing to proposals.

Why did you choose to work at Talent Vectia?

Once I got the offer to work at Talent Vectia, the biggest factor in my decision to accept was the warmth and respect that I felt during the recruiting process. During the recruiting process communication was honest, timely and I felt welcome. Contact genuinely felt like a two-way street. During my job search no other company had the same effect.

“I have been given freedom, responsibility and ownership within projects”, Kari tells.

How have your responsibilities developed at Talent Vectia?

During my time at Talent Vectia, my responsibilities have steadily increased within my own capabilities. Compared to the beginning of my employment, I have more autonomy and I am responsible for larger sub-parts of projects. With regards to proposals I am now trusted to create complete first drafts in contrast to single parts.

Why do you like working with us?

During my time at Talent Vectia I have gotten to work with amazing clients and have had the opportunity to solve problems on a national scale. I have been given freedom, responsibility and ownership within projects and I am trusted to do my part.
Most importantly though, I’ve stayed for the people. My colleagues are amazing and make each work-day and each project meaningful. With these colleagues work doesn’t always feel like work and any challenge can be overcome with their support.

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