Verona Consulting / Leadership and Organisation Consultants

Verona is building a unique leadership and advisory business which is designing, structuring, developing and scaling game changing international businesses. We have brought together tax and legal advisers, strategy consultants, business growth gurus, ecosystem orchestrators, leadership coaches, wealth planning experts and innovators. We are an exceptional team of more than 90 experts in Europe focused on building sustainable growth and delivering real, measurable results to our customers. We are growing and looking for new members to join our community – inspired and inspiring colleagues to drive growth and success for our clients.

We are building new ways to lead businesses, people and culture, together with our customers. The most powerful force behind the success of companies and the society is people’s ability to have an influence over their true potential. We believe that creating excellent employee experience has a significant impact on organisational success, customer experience and business results.

We are hiring enthusiastic leadership & organisation consultants or trainers with solid business experience and mindset who have passion to help our customers to develop and succeed in their people & business agenda. Our client assignments cover e.g. developing management models, executive leadership teams and working communities, coaching leadership skills and methods as well as consulting in culture development projects. We will strengthen our team with diverse expertise, and the emphasis of your projects will vary depending on your background and interests. 

We expect you to have strong experience and thought leadership of modern and people-centric leadership development. You understand the big picture of organizational development and the systemic approach to it. You perceive the objectives of business and structures as well as people behavior. Preferably you have successfully led and consulted in organizational transformation projects through people agenda. We also value the capabilities to combine leadership development tasks and strategic business goals and objectives, which is especially important in executive leadership team development. You are an insightful and bold sparring partner for executives, supervisors and teams.

To succeed in this role you need:

  • Willingness to work in diverse teams and to continuously learn and share learning
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills
  • Excellent written and spoken Finnish and English
  • A relevant Master’s or PhD degree

At Verona Consulting we foster a unique way of working together by following three principles: bold thought leader, driver of customer value and result driven team player. If you join us, you will have a great team of leadership professionals to work and learn with. You will be accompanied by approachable people-oriented experts who are always ready to support each other and help each other to succeed. We believe that in the end it’s all about people and that the best results are achieved by working together. We believe that people’s well-being and constant possibilities to grow professionally are the reasons behind our thriving working community.

Did we spark your interest? To apply please send us a cover letter telling us why you should be among those to join our ranks along with your CV by 21st  May, 2021 at the latest.

If you have any questions about us or the role, please be in touch with Senior Managing Consultant Hanna Rainio ( / phone 040 486 7368). Hanna can best be reached on 28th April between 3-4 pm, 7th May between 9-10 and 12th May between 3-4 pm.

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